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Nutritionist Jaya Gupta

Master Of Human Nutrition From Jiwaji University Gwalior (India)- 1992 Batch, Certified Holistic Nutritionist From Canadian School Of Natural Nutrition

About ABC Nutrifit

Home cooking or dining out, most of us love food as it’s a central part of how we live and connect with other people. With new fad diets hitting the headlines every other week, sometimes it’s hard to know what foods are good for us.

Enter Nutritionist Jaya Gupta.

Jaya studied the Master of Human Nutrition from Jiwaji university Gwalior and become certified Holistic Nutritionist from Canadian school of Natural Nutrition. She is helping the society and people with her venture ABCNutrifit, which focuses on overall body and mind health improvement with Food, Nutrition and Yoga Combination.

She decided to study nutrition from “Canadian School of Natural Nutrition” to gain a better understanding about her relationship with food, specifically about how her experiences with food growing up shaped her habits and eating preferences,’ “Holistic Nutritionist Jaya” explains.

What really motivated her was her desire to learn how to eat in a way that really nourished her body, and not just ‘fed’ her body. As she worked through her degree she realized that nutrition was a field that she really enjoyed being a part of and could dedicate her career to.

ABC is easy to memorize and find on Google. A is attention B is before C is Critical and Nutrifit fit by nutrition “attention before it is critical and stay fit by nutrition.

Her vision is to promote a balanced lifestyle and improve people’s diets, while helping them to keep a healthy weight, boost their immune system, increase their energy levels, and reduce the risk of developing certain diseases.

Her Courses:  Fundamentals of Nutrition level 1 and 2, Symptomatology, Preventive Nutrition, Mind-body-Sprit Level 1 and 2, Pathology, Bio-chemistry, Human physiology, Lifecycle pediatric Nutrition, Life-cycle Sports Nutrition, Lifecycle aging Nutrition ,Eco- nutrition, Allergies, Alternative/ comparative diets, Nutritional Literature Research.

How she feels interacting with the clients:  Each and everyone has their own battle for their mental, physical and spiritual health, their family and work circumstances are different with other. She helps them to find the way, where they are able to maintain a good life style while keeping their stress level reduced and they will become more productive and happy.

Idea About ABC Nutrifit:   Nutrition and good health is her hobby and when she see her friends who belong to Canada, America, India, UK and Australia, they all  belongs from different world, different culture, different food habits, different built, different skin color but one thing is common in all they all were suffering with same mental and physical issues.  She would like to help them personally and keep checking their progress, for that she needs a proper set up to follow her clients and work as a professional way. So her clients who are her friends will take their health seriously in her guidance.

What connect me with clients: Their emotional dilemmas, it is not easy for someone to quit smoking or stop taking caffeine for the people who drink tea or coffee 5 times a day. Challenges are on the way all the time, but when her client win his or her battle over addiction/ sickness/ weight loss/ reduce stress with her help, that is the time her connection with the client become stronger and longer. The food we eat has a significant impact on our health, according to a number of scientific studies. Changes in diet can help prevent or control many health problems, including obesity, diabetes and certain risk factors for cancer and heart disease.

Nutrition is the science of how food and nutrition affects human health. The field of Nutritionist has a strong emphasis on public health and a commitment to educating all Americans about the importance of making proper dietary choices.

Nutritionist use nutrition and food science to help people to improve their health. Nutritionists provide care and consultation to the patients.  They are credentialed and are an integral part of health care and foodservice management teams.

Goal: Helping people lose weight, maintain a healthy weight, and prevent chronic disease by improving dietary habits requires providing education about food and nutrition, assuring access to healthier food options, and promoting the desire and ability to become physically active.

The goal of nutrition counseling or medial nutrition therapy is to assess medical history, food allergies and preferences and current health status to prescribe changes to the diet, nutrition education and behavior change counseling for improved health and optimal nutrition.