Food Preparation Techniques

Food Preparation Techniques

The cooking method you use to prep your meals can have a significant impact on the amount of nutrients your body drives from the food. Steaming considered as the best way of getting your food ready preserves most of the minerals and Vitamins which otherwise are lost when grilling your favourite streak and fishes. Not every recipe tastes good or is suitable to be made with the help of steamer.

So, how can you ensure that all the food you consume nourishes you well and their healthy qualities aren’t tossed out in the drain? A simple trick is understanding the different food preparation methods and choosing ingredients of your meals consciously.

Having said that, we know with the hoard of information online, coming up with a proper diet plan on your own that works with your lifestyle can be a challenging task. Sometimes, it can be hard to differentiate the facts from health advice. However, when you have the guidance of a certified Nutritionist, you are always on the right track!

One small change such as using a Pressure cooker for preparing meaty dishes and consuming roasted veggies can quickly reduce the amount of unsaturated fats going down your throat. As switching to our way of cooking makes your food flavoursome and maintains its nutrients, you kill two birds with one stone. Using the right food preparation technique can also save your time while you cook food.

Our nutritionist will help you by revealing the secret Nutritarian method of cooking, that keep your more energetic and fresher throughout the day!

We will provide you the tools you need in your arsenal for healthy eating, which include: –

  1. Guidelines for prepping food
  2. Cooking methods to improve your diet
  3. Seasoning with minimal salt and oil
  4. Meal plan that helps you feel fuller