Stress Management

Stress Management

Our bodies were initially designed to do the simple tasks of gathering food, hunting and coordinating with the community members. As human society evolved, we began using countless gadgets and multi-tasking, increasing our need to use our brain muscles. Now we are surrounded by countless distractions which cause stress frequently. While experiencing mental strain for a short span of time isn’t harmful to your health, you can become prone to heart issues, gut problems, and disturbance in sleep if it continues for the long run.

When you are under a lot of pressure and stress, the stress hormones – adrenaline and cortisol are released in your bloodstream. Within a few minutes, your heart rate increases, the blood sugar level also heightens, and you become a warrior. In short, your fight or flight response is activated, which drives a major part of your body’s energy and resources towards preparing you for taking action.

It is helpful when you are about to enter a tournament or perform some physically challenging tasks. However, when triggered at the wrong time, it disturbs your internal clock and overall body functioning. Due to the same reason, people with chronic stress experience shift in their weight, digestion problems, hypertension and more.

Undergoing intense mental pressure for extended periods can increase the amount of proteins you need in your diet, along with Magnesium.

In most people, an increased stress level can lead to skipping meals and sometimes overeating as a form of distraction. Although seeing a therapist will be extremely helpful in such a situation, it is best to work with a nutritionist alongside to tackle your body’s nutritional needs.

Our experts can help you make minor tweaks in your lifestyle and diet itself to see bigger changes.

With our stress management programme, we aim the following: –

  • Identify your stress triggers.
  • Stabilise your Blood Sugar level with the right food choices.
  • Provide nutrition-dense recipes you can make in short bursts.
  • Curb emotional eating.
  • Advice Lifestyle changes for lowering stress.
  • Cut empty calories to maintain a healthy metabolism rate.
  • Offering yoga therapy to beat the stress.

Our expert nutritionist will become your guide and assist you with your daily decisions related to food and way of living to help you live a holistically healthy life. Since changes in how you nourish your body and mind bring a permanent shift in your life, the effects of our programme will be lasting.