The nutritarian diet made popular by the book ‘Eat to Live’ written by Dr Furhman, is a game-changer for people who wish to lose weight or simply want to switch to healthier food. While you might be apprehensive of the different proportions it states to consume particular eatables during the day, following the basis makes the diet more approachable and yet effective. Since there is no calorie counting, you can see changes in your weight without fretting about the calories or doing the math! It depends mainly upon vegan alternatives, which are highly effective in controlling weight and sustaining your body and digestive system.

Don’t be afraid to make the switch, even if you are a non-vegetarian or an eggetarian. At ABC Nutrifit, we have a separate meal plan that allows you to occasionally relish such treats. To explain the Nutritarian diet in nutshell, it limits the consumption of highly processed foods and focuses on a clean diet. Eating raw fruits and less processed eatables will become a major priority for you after choosing the Nutritarian plans offered by us.

If you have previously read Dr Furhaman’s book or blogs, you must be wondering how you will make time for detailed recipes? We understand though you are committed to improving your health and eating patterns, your schedule might not allow going for time-consuming food preparations. For some reason, our certified holistic nutritionist will provide you with easy-to-make recipes from your own kitchen. You don’t have to buy gourmet items that are out of your budget to support your diet. The produce, legumes, nuts, seeds and dairy products you consume on a daily basis will be part of your meals.

Your primitive resists changes, even the dietary ones. It is the sole reason why people fall back to their previous eating habits. Such a crash can be avoided by rewarding the pleasure centre of your brain. For example, if sugary drinks brought you delight in the past, you can make smoothies or drink fresh fruit juice instead that brings similar satisfaction. The secret to becoming a diet-heart Nutritarian is keeping your liking of certain foods in mind and finding nutrient-dense, healthy alternatives for them.

When you come to us, we provide you with a detailed assessment of your present diet along with simple and effective tweaks you can follow easily. The wholesome journey you go on is supported by regular consultation from our nutritionist, who is well-versed with diet being a devout follower of it herself!

Our meal plan is catered keeping in mind your current lifestyle and medical conditions, so you find the experience with us fulfilling. It comes with mouth-watering recipes that work on your craving for foods high in bad fats and carbohydrates.

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