Liver Detoxification

Liver Detoxification

Liver is the largest internal organ present in your body. Along with filtering the bloodstream for toxins and flushing them out, the liver performs 500 other functions. It also plays part a vital role in digestion of food by producing bile and storing the nutrients in form that can be used later. With so many roles taken up by the organ, its malfunctioning can be harsh on your body.

Consumption of alcohol, junk food, sleep debt and lack of proper nutrition can lead to slower functioning of liver. The countless pressures we face in daily life can sometimes force us to make unhealthy choices and compromise our health. However, the sooner you start taking care of your liver, the better it will be. Liver cell can regenerate over time. Thus, if you follow a dietary plan and lifestyle that puts less strain on the organ, it can heal itself.

Our certified nutritionist will take you on a journey, with detailed guidance at every step that helps you to avoid any liver diseases in future. If you are at present suffering from a liver problem, she will design a diet plan specific to your health condition.

Simple changes such as consuming food high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients goes a long way, as per our experts. Eating plenty of fruits, veggies, nuts, seed, whole grains and protein should be the first and foremost priority of an individual who wants to maintain a strong liver. Our experts create strategies which not only minimises the toxins you are introducing to your system unknowingly but also improves your overall health.

  1. Aiding you in losing weight
  2. Work on your sleep and stress levels
  3. Nourishing your liver