Skin Hair Care

Skin Hair Care

80% Of the women in the US spend a large sum of money on buying cosmetics to keep their skin glowing and hair lustrous. While we can’t deny that tropical application protects your skin and hair from damage done by sun, dust and other eternal agents, it works for only a short time. To attain a healthy and vigorous appearance in the long run, your body needs a regular dose of nourishment. Scrutinising your plate, i.e. what you eat, is the easiest way to control the skin and hair issues you might be facing.

If you don’t work on the root cause of the health problems you are experiencing, they will persist and annoy you for long. The same goes for your skin, which is the largest organ of your body. As it acts as the first layer of defence against the pathogens, taking good care of your skin is extremely important even when you are gifted with a glossy and smooth one.

Your physical, emotional and mental well-being affects the way you look. A person who has a peace of mind will be less prone to stress. Stress is the biggest factor when it comes to ageing and hair fall. One way to keep away the stress is going for a workout. Exercising on a regular basis also released toxins. However, the amount of heavy metals and other impurities present in sweat is too low. That brings us to food. What you feed yourself not only fuels your body but also helps in maintaining it. A diet rich in antioxidants can aid in reducing the oxidative damage to your skin and also flush toxin out of your body.

By eating a wholesome diet rich in Vitamin A, D, C and B complex, proteins and fatty acids, you can see measurable changes in your skin and hair health over them. We assess your overall lifestyle along with the eating habits to come up with diet plans that work on both your body and mind. Thus, guidance from our expert can truly have a lasting impact on you and reinvigorate your hair and skin.

  1. A healthier you.
  2. Radiant skin & improvement in skin problems
  3. Lustrous and stronger tresses.

Taking a holistic approach, our nutritionist creates plans specific to your needs. By looking at your daily intake of food and working with you continuously, she ensures there is constant success, and your health is taken to the next level.