Mind Body Fitness

Body Mind Fitness

Do you ever feel having bad mood negativity impacts your physical performance? Or Has pain in a part of your body stopped you from undertaking some mental work? Your intuition isn’t wrong! Scientific studies in the past have proved our mental state and body are interconnected. A change in one can alternate the state of another.

When you are undergoing immense mental strain and don’t find a way to release the stress it is causing you, soon, you experience its physical manifestation. A headache, pain in the stomach or maybe mood swings, it will show up in one form or the other. One of the most productive ways to deal with difficult situations is to strengthen the connection your body and mind share.

Becoming an active participant in your workouts by focusing on the impact it is having on your body and being fully aware of every moment can make your sessions smooth. How? When your mind is 100% aware of what is happening around you, you have a better chance of success. It also puts less overall strain on your body because your brain is ready with strategies to cope up in case of failure.

Evolution is the root cause of this connection inbuild in us. As early man, we used to hunt and gather. In the woods, being alert and fleeing away from danger was the only thing that kept us going. So, for survival, we needed the mind and body to work hand in hand.

Mind-body therapies are designed to use your mental muscles along with physical ones to workout. These include yoga, tai chi, Gyrotonic, qigong, Pilates and more. Each of these exercises takes a mix of mindfulness, breathing and body movement to improve your health.

When you give your full input and follow our instructions closely, you can: –

  1. Acquire a greater sense of self.
  2. Build mental Resilience with time.
  3. Experience increased self-control.

You are unique, and so are your physical, mental and emotional needs. We respect them. For the same reason, our experts create a customised plan that works best for you and helps you achieve the most.