General Weight Management

General Weight Management

On the whole, a health crisis which is affecting the entire population of the country is weight gain. Staying indoors and spending a large chunk of our days on screens means being sedentary. While none of us want to acknowledge the fact, maintaining a healthy weight is something we are missing out on while watching re-runs of our favourite shows. If you are increasingly moving towards a higher weight, few alternations in your diet and regular exercising can help you to keep it constant, bringing things under control.

Conversely, being underweight is also unhealthy for your body. Reaching an ideal weight appropriate for your body isn’t as hard as you think. A general rule of thumb to maintain an apt weight is, keeping the intake of calories and the amount you burn proportional. What you need to understand is, it is only one side of the story. Also, according to fitness level, generic make-up and diseases you might be suffering, your nutritional needs differ from other individuals. The form in which you consume the calories and the time when you intake them can either make them beneficial or harmful for your health.

A nutritionist can break it down for you and help you figure out which food items or lifestyle habits you are using to fuel your body are culprits. By slowly eliminating them through your routine and including nutrient-dense and protein-rich foods, our professional will help you embrace a balanced approach.

Overweight people have a high risk of developing coronary heart diseases, stroke, diabetes. Whereas people who are slimmer than average healthy person are prone to have fertility issues, anaemia, fatigue and period inconsistency in women. Further, most people who have an unhealthy weight aren’t happy with their body image, creating mental pressure over them. Proper weight management can be your first step towards achieving a good physical and mental well-being.

Besides that, achieving a better weight comes with plenty of other benefits, such as improved body strength, drop in lethargy, better focus and concentration.

It will give to the chance to live a more wholesome life by bringing: –

  • Overall improvement in your health.
  • Small but significant change in your weight.
  • Maintain the health body weight once you have achieved it.
  • Dietary plans that will work with your present health issues.