Sleep Disorders

Understanding the Link Between Your Sleep and Nutrition

Living in a fast-paced world puts many of us under a lot of pressure. In order to achieve a little more, we often compromise our sleep. While some people fall into the trap of sleeping disorders because of not maintain a proper schedule, others are struggling with it even after adopting a healthy sleeping regime.

Nutrition and sleep are closely linked to each other. As per countless scientific studies, bad eating can lead to trouble in sleeping, and visa-a-versa low amount of sleep increases cravings for carbohydrate-rich foods. The result is unhealthy food choices. However, if you are maintaining a balanced diet and have cut off sugary drinks, foods rich in unsaturated fats, carbohydrates and alcohol from your diet, you should be relishing a long slumber, isn’t it?

Not only making good food choices is important for sound sleep, but even the timing and meal size matters. That is where a Nutritionist steps in. Sleep debt can lead to gain in weight around the waistline; negativity impact heart diseases, increases stress and more.

A better diet plan that aligns with your circadian rhythm and your unique nutritional needs can help you feel healthier. If your energy level is high throughout the day, the chances are you will perform well and feel reinvigorated. This will allow you to live a balanced lifestyle where you exercise, use your mental energy to your full potential and make most of every meal. As a result, your sleeping patterns will drastically improve, aiding you in better sleep.

We have tailor-made plans for every individual because we know your body is unique and has different dietary needs. Under the able guidance of our expert, you will see how the food you eat does its magic and increases your sleeping hours.

Our sleep disorder programme includes –

  • Well-grounded diet plans specifically crafted for you.
  • A regular round of consultation to monitor the impact of your daily food consumption.
  • Savoury recipes that make you feel satisfied and fuller.
  • Guides with hacks to create lifestyle changes for improved sleep.