Pregna Care

Pregna Care

When you are ready to become a mother and trying to conceive, considering your body’s nutritional needs is extremely important. Most women get to know of their pregnancy weeks after they have conceived. In fact, to minimize the risk of any future complications in your pregnancy, you should embrace a healthy lifestyle before three months of your prenatal period.

There are certain foods like unpasteurized milk products, raw meal and supplements you shouldn’t take during the prenatal period. Conversely, intake of folic acid and overall consumption of nutrient-rich food needs an increase to feed yourself and the unborn baby well.

If you were treated for any illness or diseases in the past, you need to be extra conscious about your health. Maintaining a healthy body weight, avoiding stress, enjoying seasonal produce and nourishing your mind with positive thoughts will become an integral part of your life during the period. To ensure you are not lacking in any of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, assessing what you eat is important.

While having a healthy pregnancy might be your utmost priority, it is also crucial to nourish your body with equal ferocity after you become a mother. In the post-natal period, you undergo the process of healing. Your entire body is getting back to normal. Along with taking care of your infant, fulfilling your body’s needs is also crucial. It is not just about eating a well-balanced diet but practising mindfulness and regular physical exercise, so your day doesn’t feel like a struggle.

Pregna Care is a holistic health programme designed for new-mom, expectant mothers and women who want to become mothers. Motherhood is a wonderful experience. But both the period before it and right after you have your baby can feel turbulent. Deficiency of nutrients and excessive stress are major cause of new-borns being underweight, along with eating disorders and unhealthy habits. Connecting with our nutritionist will ensure you go through the trial and tribulations every to-be mother experiences with ease. Her yoga sessions and mediation techniques will help you distress, ensuring you feel energic even during the most demanding times.

Her dietary planning will keep you and your coming baby healthy, plus help your body rejuvenate after your baby enters the world!