Boost Immunity

Boost Immunity

Your body deserves to be taken care of. When you give proper attention to your health needs, your body performs at an optimal level. Though you hate to admit it, we know you have had your frequent cold and occasional fevers. Being in the clutches of acute diseases more often can leave you exhausted and disturb your daily life. So, how can you attain a position where you aren’t visited by illnesses so often?

A simple answer to this question is looking for ways to boost your immunity.

The lifestyle you live has a major impact on how you feel physically as well as mentally. Taking a diet that nourishes your body aptly ensures the intricate internal systems present inside you functions with full force. Lack of vitamins and trace minerals can lead to an impaired immune response against the pathogens meaning prolonged battles between the invaders and your blood cell.

Simply, by supporting your immunity system well with a balanced diet, enough sleep, exercising and taking reduced stress, you can enjoy a quality life. If you are relying on processed food, sugary drinks, red meat, and food containing unsaturated fat, you are doing it all wrong!

Your immunity system requires a diet rich in wholesome food such as green leafy vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, fruits, olive oil and so on. A diet rich in micro and macronutrients and high in fibre will spike up your immunity in no time.

Our nutritionist has a customised immunity-boosting programme combining your fitness regime and nutrition. By keeping your preference parallel with your diet and lifestyle, she will cater to you plans and guides that keep you on track. By acting on her advice, you will not only develop a better immunity but enjoy life with better overall health.