Senior Citizen Diet

Senior Citizen Diet

It is hard to ignore the ageing signs as you begin to enter your sixties. Your body undergoes gradual but bigger changes that demand a diet full of nutrients. As ageing reduces your metabolism, you must curb the intake of food which add empty calories and do not serve your body ideally.

For some older people experiencing a lack of appetite can be one reason for avoiding regular meals. It directly affects your health. The food you eat not only nourishes your mind but body and soul too. Further, eating a well-balanced diet is vital during this stage of your life to ensure your internal organs function optimally. Elderly men and women are more prone to heart diseases, BP problems, arthritis, Osteoporosis, respiratory illness, etc.

Feeling tensed? You don’t have to worry about your health! If you monitor what you eat, flex your muscles, hydrate well and manage to live a stress-free life, your chances of contracting diseases or falling into an illness will be significantly low. Aged people who are suffering from a particular medical condition can switch to a diet that provides a better basis for alleviating it with our help.

Embracing the Nutritarian way of living can help your live a quality life and increase its longevity. The famous B-bombs from Dr. Joel Fuhrman diet have proved to reduce the risk of cancer. Adding them up to your diet is easy because they taste delicious with the amazing recipes we will cater you.

Exercising can be hard and challenging at this age. For the same reason, our nutritionist not only delivers you an easy-to-follow diet plan but conducts yoga sessions when requested to help you maintain your physical fitness.

With our senior citizen diet, you are offered: –

  1. Detailed guidance of what to eat as per your present health condition
  2. Recipes for quick nourishment
  3. Tools to maintain a healthy weight
  4. Hacks to retain your appetite

We have separate senior citizen diet plans for vegans and non-vegans. Both of which will fulfil your protein, vitamins, minerals and other dietary needs without leaving any gaps. In fact, with her constant advice, you will become capable of gauging your nutritional requirements and choosing the right food groups to fulfil them.