Kids Nourish

Kids Nourish Nutritarian

Whether your child is a picky eater or has food allergies, you can easily provide them a meal that tastes delicious and satisfies their appetite. For children who are yet not exposed to a wide variety of food present around us, accepting them can take time. For instance, your child might not be pleased to see a big chunk of broccoli on his plate or hate milk for no reason.

As a good parent, when your child doesn’t understand the importance of nutrition and how vital the veggies, beans, nuts and fruits are for his health, the only way to keep him nourished is planning meals with his peculiar preference in mind. It might be the shape or appearance of a dish that bothered them or simply the taste.

We all have a distinct liking for food; what you find mouth-watering and delicious might not taste good to your child. Going with the nutritarian approach, you can increase their daily intakes of wholesome item like produce, legumes, avocado, and nuts. Since our Nutritionist will provide you with recipes that result in appetising treats, your child is going to lick his fingers and enjoy his meal.

For bringing in this big change, you need patience and knowledge of the eatable that make up a wonderful meal and snacks. Plus, we have specific meal plans for children who actively participate in vigorous sports, have eating disorders, or are allergic to particular food items.

Participating in our Kids Nourishment Programme will deliver you the tools you need to keep up with changing nutritional needs of your child as he grows.

It will include: –

  1. Comprehensive analysis of your child’s present diet
  2. A new and easy-follow-diet plan
  3. Recipes to make him nutrient-dense snacks
  4. Supplements recommendation if necessary