Body Building

Body Building

Whether you are an active athlete, sportsperson, or someone who simply wants a refined musculature, you need to follow a proper diet and fitness routine for building an impressive body. While a lot of people carve a well-built body with muscles bulging out at the right spots, to integrate the diet and exercises that are an essential part of a bodybuilder’s life, you first have to reach a healthy body weight. Generally, with body-building, one is advised to eat meals higher in proteins and carbohydrates than an average person. This, in the case of an obese person, can lead to an increase in unhealthy weight. For people who are slightly underweight, such a regime can help them build lean muscles. Body-building is ideal for women and men who are completely healthy and an ideal BMI.

Generally, muscle growth during body-building takes place in two phases. During the first phase, you will have to consume a diet that helps bulk up, i.e. rich in proteins, whole foods, veggies, carb, complex fats, etc. In the second round, the consumption of fats is reduced, and protein is increased, resulting in the loss of fat and the formation of lean muscles. However, you must eat a diet rich in micro and macronutrients and low in processed food that provides you complete nourishment throughout the regime.

Along with eating right, timing is the key when it comes to building strong muscles. A nutritionist will recommend you increasing the number of meals and not the portion size to maintain the insulin level and hormonal balance. Generally, a high carbohydrate snack before and after a workout can improve your performance and help in muscles growth.

Your body composition, genetics, nutrition, medical history and previous eating habits determine which diet plan is suitable for you. Thus, what works for some else might not be the right fit for you.

A customised diet plan that considered your fitness regime and lifestyle can be immensely helpful in your body-building endeavour.

Our nutritionist makes your body transformation easier by doing the following –

  1. Preparing your body for the muscle-building path with the right nutrition.
  2. Finding meal quantity and timing that satisfies your appetite and helps in muscles formation.
  3. Recommending exercises that focus on the main muscle groups.