Yoga: A pathway to Better Health

Opposed to what many people think, yoga isn’t just a practice that involves your body but focuses on the oneness of body, mind and soul. The aim of doing it is to help you unite with the universe and, in the process, lose all your worries and anxieties to have a full-body experience. Essentially, embracing yoga allows you to bring your mind and body in harmony with the help of breathing. Most of the scientifically proven benefits of this ancient disciple make it ideal for people of all age groups.

Yoga is also a way of living for people who sincerely follow its philosophies. The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’, meaning to unite. To give you a brief idea of how yoga affects your health, we have listed the benefits of making it a part of your daily life below: –

  • Reduces Anxiety and Stress
  • Helps in reducing inflammation and prevents pro-inflammatory diseases.
  • Has a positive impact on heart health
  • Aids in battling depression
  • Improves sleep quality, flexibility and balance
  • Improve breathing and lung function
  • Strengthens muscles and spinal health
  • Helps in achieving emotional resilience and better self-awareness
  • Aids in improving immunity

Our expert has in-depth knowledge of the techniques that form yoga as a whole. She will help you reach mental, emotional and physical well-being by integrating both wholesome nutrition and yogic practices in your lifestyle.

We have a programme specifically designed for men, women and children. For people who feel empowered in group practices, our expert conducts group sessions, both through online mode and hosting them offline.

Since due to the pandemic avoidance of public gathering is necessary, we are offering virtual zoom sessions to our patrons at an affordable cost.

Please Note: If you need one-to-one session, you can book it anytime! Given the slot is available, you can discuss your individual goals and a session of yogic exercises best suited for yourself.

Our expert is not only a Yoga guru but also a nutritionist. With her holistic approach, she will help you reach a high level of fitness in all dimensions. How? By shedding light on the wrong lifestyle practices, you might not be unintentionally following. Combined with yoga, it forms a basis of a lifelong commitment towards better health.