Weight Gain

Weight Gain

The internet bloom made our lives public. With everyone painting the perfect picture and trying to showcase only their glamourous moments on their feed, most of us wish to look attractive and beautiful. A slim body is seen as appreciative quality, particularly in a woman. This led to an increased focus on weight loss. While a majority of men and women are struggling with obesity, there is a smaller fraction who are underweight.

You might appreciate your lean body, and there is no greater happiness than showering yourself with some self-love. However, if your BMI is below 18.5, you should focus on attaining a higher weight. In fact, people who have an unhealthy low weight are susceptible to osteoporosis, disparities in periods, infertility, weak immunity and chronic fatigue. Alternatively, if you are experiencing any of the symptoms that point towards the above health problems, you should weigh yourself on a scale!

A low weight possibly can be due to your genetic makeup (i.e. naturally higher metabolism), malnutrition, exercising more than your body needs and illnesses. No matter what is causing you to lose weight, with the help of a nutritionist, you can work with your body to reach a healthy weight.

Some people have a smaller appetite resulting in consuming a lesser amount of food. In such a case monitoring the meal size and having healthy snacks in between can add the required calories to your diet. A boost of healthy calories in your diet improves your body weight without having any side effects as opposed to consuming processed food to achieve the same. A weight gain plan adds 250 to 500 calories to your food, coming in the form of nuts, seeds, smoothies, natural yoghurt, whole grains, brown rice and more.

Your journey with food is made simple by our Nutritionist, who makes you understand the relationship between your body and food. Considering your medical history, eating habits and overall lifestyle, she first finds the root cause behind your weight loss.

She might ask you to pen down all you eat, i.e. journalise your eating habits. Once she has a firm grasp of the main issue, she works on eradicating it with easy-to-follow steps. A holistic approach and customised plan focuses on your unique requirements and caters to your nutritional needs.

  1. Offers you extensive knowledge of nutrition, so you always make the right food choices.
  2. Recommended Fitness advice that aids in weight gain (Yoga and Strain Training)
  3. Monitors your dietary intake to attain noticeable results.